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Pipos Jigs

Double Assist Squid Hooks

Double Assist Squid Hooks

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Introducing our new Double Assist Squid Hooks - a potent fusion that not only amplifies visibility but also replicates natural prey, enticing various fish species. Let's delve into the benefits and steps required to set up these hooks with skirts for your upcoming fishing expedition.

Advantages of Pipos Jigs' Double Assist Hooks with Skirts:

  1. Enhanced Attraction: The combination of the double assist hook and the skirt creates an alluring display. The vivid colors and lifelike movements of the skirt mimic prey, drawing in predatory fish.
  2. Versatility: This setup is adaptable for both freshwater and saltwater fishing, proving particularly effective for species like tuna, rock fish , salmon grouper , lingcod , snappers ,mahi-mahi, and others larger gamefish.
  3. Increased Hookup Success: The presence of two assist hooks significantly heightens the likelihood of catching a fish, especially when dealing with powerful species.
  4. Reduced Snags: The design of the double assist hook minimizes the chances of getting caught on underwater structures or vegetation, making it ideal for areas prone to snags.
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