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Pipos Jigs

Cuchillo Raptor Series

Cuchillo Raptor Series

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Pipos Jigs presents the CUCHILLO slow pitch jigs, a versatile solution tailored to anglers' diverse fishing requirements. These jigs boast a vibrant range of colors and are available in two distinct series: the Cuchillo Polkadot and the Cuchillo Raptor Series. Spanning sizes from 220g to 520g, these jigs prove themselves as all-around champions. Ideal for tuna jigging, they excel in deep dropping scenarios and are adept at navigating challenging currents and drift speeds.

Characterized by a balanced weighted design, the CUCHILLO ensures a horizontal descent and exhibits a mild to moderate action even without line tension. What sets our Cuchillo jigs apart is their wired-through construction, providing superior strength and resilience against bending. This feature makes them a top choice for mild current conditions and has yielded numerous trophy catches across bottom and pelagic species.

A staple addition to any angler's jig bag, the CUCHILLO is particularly effective for targeting Bluefin Tunas, Yellowfin Tunas, Blackfin Tunas, Yellowedge Groupers, Tilefish, Kitty Mitchell Groupers, and Red Snappers. Whether you're pursuing prized pelagics or bottom dwellers, the CUCHILLO stands ready to deliver exceptional performance on the water.

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